Ready for a dance party?

Above all, our supreme dance mission to to make dancing fun an accessible for any type of person and any type of event. In pursuit of this mission, we have created several different party packages to help you make any day a special event to remember. Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday, and bachelorette, or just celebrate the day just because, we have just what you are looking for.

We Can do that:

Our collection of multi-talented staff excel at many forms party of dancing built for children or adults including Hip Hop, Jazz, Swing, Salsa, Zumba, & more.

Additionally, we offer unique themed parties for children (or those who still act like children) such as Princess Parties, Martial Arts Parties, and Super Hero Parties.

General Pricing Info:

All basic pricing is created with 10 guests in mind. If your party is larger than 10 guests, we will add an additional $7 per guest.

All Parties are 2 hours long, with additional time available if requested in advance.

Activity Party - $160

Is your group full of "movers and shakers?" This is the party for you! With an hour of active time (lesson, dancing, performance etc...) guided by a professional instructor and an hour of gift opening, free time, and general revelry, this is the kind of party you or your little one has always wanted. 

Craft Party - $185

Perhaps you are planning a party for someone who prefers a more artistic approach to celebrations. In that case, a craft party would fit those mission objective perfectly. With an hour of hands on crafting followed by free time, you will leave these events with a smile on your face and a handmade souvenir worthy of display.


The "everything" Party - $245

Sometimes, people just can't make up their mind. When you really think about it though, why should they? With this party, you can totally "have your cake and eat it too." Except in this case instead of cake, we are talking about a special activity and a craft bundled together into one awesome fun fest that will have your little one craving more.

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