Mission Statement:

Our Mission

Take The Lead Dance studio has fully committed to improving the lives of dancers of all ages. It is our sole mission to develop and maintain a positive and encouraging dance studio where students are provided the skills they need to blossom into more than just dancers. We believe that the skills people develop help to create happier, more productive people. We use our lessons to impart quality dance knowledge while developing each individual's inner creative sense.


We ACHIEVE our Mission in dance by:

  • Ensuring that we employ top notch instructors who care about their art and care about their students. They represent a diverse grouping of dance background including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and more.

  • Inviting some of the area's most talented dancers and choreographers into an environment where they can explore their craft and continue being the best they can possibly be.

  • Being a local business who understands the value of community based growth. We believe in Springfield Missouri as not just our home, but also as a home to our highly valued dancers.

  • Allowing for an encouraging environment for dancers of all skill levels. We are just as welcoming to those new to the dance floor as we are to those who come from a dance background. We are committed to quality goal based dance instruction for both experienced and new dancers alike. 

  • Offering a beautiful studio with plenty of space for rehearsals and opportunities for smaller performances.