Pricing for Group Classes and Private LEssons


One of our many missions in dance is to offer various options to fit the needs of any member of our "dance family." We strive to make sure that we have the right fit for all dancers! Although you should find all of the information you will need below, If you are unsure about what any of the pricing means, please let us know how we can help! Additionally, if you are looking for our policies, CLICK HERE

Methods of Payment

Dancing is a skill that needs to be built over time. For that reason, we don't typically offer any "one month trials." We believe in building dancers as part of our dance mission, so we have an auto-pay system that accepts Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Direct ACH withdrawal. If you would like to pay with cash or check, you may prepay for a non refundable 3-months in advance. Part of our mission with dance is to offer affordable dance classes within a system that eliminates the need for ugly late fees.

PRICING at a glance:

Annual Enrollment Cost = $35 per person

Weekly/ Hourly Classes:

1 Hour Per Week 

$39 per month

2 Hours Per Week 

$69 per month

3 Hours Per Week 

$89 per month


4 or More Hours Each Week

Students May Qualify for Unique Scholarships, please inquire with Staff

Drop-In Classes:

 $13 per class or $55 per month 

Policy Questions?

Click HERE to view our polices and procedures for  our next "dance mission!"

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