Open Practice Nights


Obi Simpson

     Learning to Dance take time, patience, and most importantly: practice.  Sometimes, clearing out enough dance space in the living room just isn't a viable option.  That's why we created Open Practice.

     These events are definitely not as structured as our group classes, but Open Practices are also not as intimidating as dances "out in the wild" can be to beginners.  Instead, they operate somewhere in the middle, allowing students to build up their dance skills and to learn to enjoy dancing in a social setting.  We encourage students of all ability levels to frequently attend Open Practices to keep their skills sharp and to make their learning curve a little less steep.

     Dancers can expect a variety of different dances styles at an Open Practice, everything from the Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country dances are played.  Since we play three or so different songs in a row of the same style of dance, our students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the particular musical styling of any given dance.  This allows our dancers to even learn the basics to new dances to see whether they have an interest in learning that dance.

     Although normally $10 per person, Open Practices are free to anyone who takes any Social, Wedding, or other Special Event dance lessons including both group and private lessons from Take The Lead.  We announce our upcoming events, including open practice, on our email list.  Click Here To Sign Up For Our Email List.



     - Free With Any Social Dance Lessons 

     - Great Way To Build Confidence

     - Improves Learning Speed

     - Sprung Dance Floor, Easier on Joints

     - Meet Other Aspiring Dancers

     - Learn the Basics to a New Dance