Waltz Dance Lessons


Full of timeless beauty and brimming with class, the "Dance of Kings and Queens" is a great way to channel the inner ballroom dancer.  At Take The Lead, we offer Waltz instruction in both group classes and private lessons.



     With a dance as timeless and renown as Waltz, variations have been developed across the globe.  At Take The Lead, we teach Waltz as a smooth progressive dance that travels counter clockwise around the dance floor.  Different than Viennese Waltz and other early forms, American Waltz (also called Slow Waltz) is Graceful and elegant while emphasizing open positions, underarm turns and free spins.  Much slower than most other styles of dance, American Waltz is danced to music which tends to be both expressive and powerful, influencing the dancer's movements to be the same.  This is a dance that rewards practice and persistence with a beautiful skill set that will last for the rest of your life.

     Our classes teach students to "get into the attitude" of the dance by conditioning their bodies to display long, flowing movements, continuous turns (both fast and slow), and the gentle up and down mechanics known as rise & fall.  We strive to help our students feel comfortable and confident by teaching them to look graceful and elegant while they seemingly glide effortlessly around the dance floor.  Check out our current classes or book a private lesson to learn this awe inspiring dance!