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Our Zumba teachers have a background in latin dancing.

What Are Break Dance Classes?

Breakdancing (other names include breaking, b-boying, and b-girling)  is a unique street dance style that originated in Hip Hop dancing in the seventies.  Breaking was created in the Bronx, New York primarily by African Americans and Latino youths of the era.  This dance uses hip hop and funk music almost exclusively to incorporate complex body styling, powerful acrobatic movement, intense coordination, unique styling, spontaneity, and fashion. 


What to Expect From Our Studio:

Our goal at Take The Lead is to use our dance classes to improve the lives of adults in the areas of Fitness, Stress Relief, Confidence Building, Socialization, and Fun! We provide individuals in the Springfield area with exhilarating dance classes structured unlike any workout you have experienced before!

What to Expect From the Breakdance Class:

     Our  break dance classes begin with a Hip Hop warm-up that includes stretching, a brief review of what was taught in the previous class, and some basic techniques needed for the rest of the lesson.  The classes do build from one week to the next, so what you learn one week will be directly related to the movements taught in your next dance class. As long as you continue to attend class and spend time practicing on your own, you will be able to easily keep up.

     Each session has its own focus that teaches different hip hop elements individually before blending them together into a full fledged breakdance experience.  Those dance elements include learning grooves, top rocking, different rhythms, getting on the floor with style, footwork while on the floor, floor spins, freezes, getting off of the floor, and how to make everything flow together.

     When it comes to dancing, patience is a must!  Nobody becomes the greatest b-boy or b-girl after only one lesson, but students will learn more each class and will begin develop the necessary hip hop skills to dance their own style.  Learning to Breakdance is a dynamic, life changing endeavor that entertains and builds fitness with every lesson!  

How to Get Started:

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