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Country Two Step Dance Lessons


Two Step is a fun, energetic dance! At Take The Lead, we offer various dance lessons for both groups and private lessons for individuals/ couples.

Two Step


     Usually danced at country western themed night clubs around the world, Two Step is a fun, progressive dance that will have you and your partner twirling around the floor!  While it is not the only country western dance, Two Step is definitely the most popular.

     At Take The Lead, we teach the Texas Two Step.  The big difference between this form and other various style of two step is the rhythm.  Texas Two Step is usually danced to music in a 4/4 time.  The basic pattern uses four steps across six beats of music in a quick-quick, slow-slow rhythm.  Other common variations use only three steps, but can also be danced to country music in different time signatures.

The origins of the two-step are murky at best, but the two-step of today was popularized by fans of country-western music. However, the root dances were transported out West with the covered wagons during the nineteenth century with the emigrants who populated the Great Plains and beyond.

The two-step is a smooth progressive dance created for four-quarter and two-quarter time music. It has a six-count basic that is counted quick-quick-slow-slow or one-two-three (four)...five (six). The time is the same as in the fox trot; however, the contemporary two-step does not use the box step as the fox trot does. Also, each step progresses forward around the dance floor, unlike in the waltz and the foxtrot. The constant forward progression creates an illusion of acceleration rather than a pause in a dance such as the waltz. The music that the two-step matches has a steady, even tempo with about 160 to 200 beats per minute. If you were to clap along, you would find yourself clapping evenly on every beat (one-two-three-four, and so on), unlike the waltz, where you would clap heavily on the first beat and lightly on the second and third beats. The two-step is occasionally referred to as the Texas two-step; however, it is done throughout the  world.

Most histories agree that the deep roots of the two-step are the same as the waltz, with the predecessors of the two-step being the folk dances performed in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. It appears that the waltz was adapted in the United States to match four-quarter time and half-time music. These dances grew into the fox trot and the two-step, with the two-step arising from the country-western subculture.