Zumba Class pricing, locations, and dates. 

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Take The Lead Offers the best Zumba classes in Springfield mo.

Zumba classes are a great way to get into shape.

Our Zumba teachers have a background in latin dancing.

     Gay and Lesbian Dance Lessons

     Learning to dance can be tough.  Finding the right instructor to meet your particular needs can be even tougher.  At Take The Lead, we offer custom lessons for same sex couples to prepare you for every event including marriages, civil unions, commitment ceremonies and even learning social dance for nights out on the town!  Our talented and patient teachers take great care to build the necessary relationship skills through dance so you can move seamlessly with your partner and look amazing while doing so.

Social Dance Pricing:

Private Dance Lesson - $70 (individual or couple)

Semi-Private Dance Lesson - $85 (up to 4 couples)

Group Dance Class (Drop in, when offered) - $10 per person per class

Open Practice - $10 per person  

Social Dance Packages:

Private Dance Lessons - 3 for $150 or 6 for $270

Semi-Private Dance Lessons - 3 for $180 or 6 for $300

Group Class Series (8 classes in 4 weeks) - $90 per person or $129 per couple *Includes 1 Private Lesson

Open Practices - Free with any package 

*Introductory Package for new students - Please Call 417-234-7511 for availability