Hip Hop Classes Springfield Mo


SwingDance Lessons are a fun way to connect with others in a safe, positive way.

Hip Hop Classes in Springfield Missouri

Beginning / Intermediate Hip Hop


New to Hip Hop?  This class is your first stop.

Instructor: Rotating

Thursdays 5:30pm

Recommended Ages: 13+

**Registration is Required for all Hip Hop classes in the Motion Playlist Program**


     This class is specifically designed to give even the least coordinated individuals a place to start.  Our program provides a community based method of teaching Hip Hop across many different forms in fun and energetic ways.  More than just dance, this class helps to build better people by improving their socialization, self confidence, over all fitness level, and of course: sweet dance moves.

     Taught by a dedicated staff that who treat Hip Hop as an art form and as means to self improvement, they find ways to make each and every student feel welcomed and as part of the family.  With teachers who are continuously focused on building their dance skills, each class consistently evolves by introducing new combinations and concepts to the students.  This is a class unlike anything else.  This is where people truly feel like they belong.


Beginner Friendly 

Learn Various Styles

Talented, Caring Instructors

Part of the Motion Playlist Program

Meet New Friends!