Hip Hop Classes Motion Playlist Springfield Mo

Take The Lead is the new home of Motion Playlist hip hop classes.  To better reflect the structure of this program, we now call it our "Hip hop Track"


Hip Hop Dance Lessons

     For an Individuals of all ages, our hip hop dance program is the absolute best way to learn how to look awesome and feel awesome.  Take The Lead offers dance lessons in the following formats:

Group Classes: 

     The core aspect of the entire program, these group classes are designed specifically to build a culture to educate and inspire dancers of all ages.  These classes are designed specially for both recreational and competitive dancers.  Click Here to see all HipHop classes in this program.

Private Dance Lessons: 




Private Parties/ Private Group Lessons

     Do you belong to a network of people that would be interested in learning a skill together? Private group dance lessons are ideal for those who want something more than the company picnic or banquet. Whether it be a family reunion, church group, college fraternities/ sororities, or even a group of friends looking for something to do on a Friday night, an exclusive group dance lesson allows individuals to learn relationship enhancing skills that can last a lifetime.

Dance Styles

     Take the Lead offers Hip hop dance instruction in the following styles: