Adult Hip Hop Fitness


Erin Garner


     Hip hop your way through an hour of high-energy dance, set to the latest popular tunes. Each week a new combination will be taught focusing on stylized body movement and letting loose! This high-energy class is for adults who want to learn the latest urban and street funk dance steps influenced by some of today’s hottest choreographers. 

     Specific beats and tempo changes transition the workout from toning and strengthening to fast cardio moves, targeting every major muscle group in the body. Before participants know it, they’re getting fit and their energy levels are soaring!


      - Suitable for First Time Dancers 

     - Fresh Choreography Each Week!

     - Specialty Dance Floor

     - No Registration Required


Hip Hop Classes at Take The Lead



Hip Hop Dance Classes in Springfield Mo

Adult Hip Hop Technique


PT Tran


     Designed with aspiring break dancers in mind, this class is your first endeavor in looking like you belong on the set of the next Step Up movie.  Although we cannot promise you a Channing Tatum film career (or digitally manipulated abs), we can say that this class will bring out your inner Bboy or Bgirl and teach you the fundamentals to build confidence and look good moving your body.  

     This is a beginning level class where you will learn basic hip hop dance movements across various styles, while learning different rhythms and choreography.  This is a non performing recreational class taught in a positive uplifting atmosphere. 



      - Suitable for First Time Dancers 

     - Learn Various Styles

     - Sprung Dance Floor

     - Registration is Required