Jazz Dance Lessons Springfield Mo


Adult Jazz


Victoria Billington


     If you are looking for fun and funky way to workout your mind and body, our Jazz group exercise class is just what you have been searching for!  Offering a unique way of boosting your health, mood, and overall fitness, Jazz focuses on building strength through the core to teach you how to move through space with ease and efficiency.  Understanding solid movement technique is vital for everyday life, not just in a dance class.  

     The main difference between Jazz and other forms of dance is the focus on isolating different body parts including the head, neck, shoulders, rib cage, and hips - teaching you to effectively command your body while having fun!.  In short, our Jazz class is a blast of high energy movement that will have you craving more by the end of the lesson!


      - Suitable for First Time Dancers 

     - Build Confidence

     - Build Core Strength & Flexibility

     - No Registration Required

     - Sprung Dance Floor