Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainers: 

Tammi Nelson


Take The Lead employs personal trainers who are adept at determining their clients goals and helping those individuals make their dreams a reality.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or just increase your overall fitness level, our trainers are going to be an excellent fit for you.    

     - Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals 

     - Build Strength

     - Training Times 9am-3pm

Why use a personal trainer:

Setting and achieving goals - Like any good coach, our trainers take special care to understand your particular fitness goals.  Understanding that each person is unique, our trainers develop specialized plans that maximize clients abilities to burn fat, build strength, and become fully prepared for any fitness endeavor.

Tracking progress - After setting a goal, the next important aspect of any success is the ability to know how you are doing.  Since fitness goals are achieved only a little bit over a period of time, it is often difficult as an individual to track your own progress.  Our trainers make understanding progress easy to understand across all different types of  goals.

Motivation - As time wears on, human nature sometimes allows our goals to take back seat to the stresses of life including work, relationship, and family issues.  Having a personal trainer who knows how to properly motivate you is key to reaching your fitness goals.  Sticking with the proper exercise program is the best way to develop a healthy lifestyle and our trainers know how to keep you consistent!

Health concerns & injuries - People with special issues regarding their bodies often think that they cannot participant in a fitness program.  Having a knowledgeable personal trainer allows individuals with unique needs an opportunity to have a specialized workout program that greatly reduces the impact of almost any condition.  Be sure that you disclose any physical problems you may have before jumping into any new fitness program.

Fitness education - Most of us only have a basic understanding of fitness related information including strength training, cardio exercise, and good nutrition.  Public schools only get you so far in understanding what your body needs to thrive.  Having a trainer who can bring all of these elements into balance makes a huge difference across all fitness levels.

Accountability - Just as iron sharpens iron, having someone to report to can make all the different when building a healthy lifestyle.  This is perhaps the most important aspect of having a personal trainer.


One Hour Session (for individual)- $70  

Half Hour Session (for individual) - $35

One Hour Partner Session (two people) - $110

Half Hour Partner Session (two people) - $55

Packages:  Call for Currently Available Packages