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Social Dance Parties at Take The Lead

     Are you looking for an opportunity to strut your stuff on the dance floor, or maybe you just want a fun place to hang out and learn something new?  Our Social Dance Parties are great for beginners and experienced dancers alike!


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Social Dance Parties


Obi Simpson

Kimberlee Simpson

$10 Per Person

Free If currently enrolled in group classes or taking private lessons.

    Take The Lead  hosts practice parties on a regular basis. These dance events are designed to help individuals and couples learn to feel comfortable and confident while dancing.  Think of these parties as kind of a stepping stone that bridges the gap between learning dance in our lessons and actually strutting your stuff on the dance floor!  These beginner friendly dance parties are fantastic for having fun, meeting new friends, and exploring a variety of different dances.

     At a practice party, we will dance to music for all of the different styles that we teach. This gives our students an opportunity to practice skills they have learned, or possibly pick up the basics to a new dance. Dancers can expect a mix of many different types of music including Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, and maybe even a line dance or two!

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      - Suitable for Beginners 

     - Learn Basic Social Dances

     - Fun, Party Atmosphere

     - Great Exercise!

     - Meet New Friends!