SwingDance Lessons are a fun way to connect with others in a safe, positive way.

West Coast Swing Dance Lessons


West Coast Swing is currently, the most popular dance nation wide and is spreading around the globe!  At Take The Lead, we offer West Coast Swing lessons in both group and private format.

West Coast Swing


     If variety is the spice of life, then West Coast Swing is the only seasoning you will ever need.  No other dance is as varied or versatile as West Coast Swing in regards to both music and movement styles.  This fact, in addition to "coolness factor," contributes greatly to the popularity of the this dance world wide.  This amazing dance takes much longer to learn than most other dances because of its true "lead and follow" nature.

     West Coast Swing requires many different forms of practice including fairly in depth study of rhythms, music, individual movement, and most importantly-relationships.  All of these skills are necessary components that allow both dancers to express the music and dance to the phrasing of each song.  Evening with the innate complexity, dancers of all ability levels find West Coast Swing to be a truly enriching and addicting experience that only gets deeper with time!

     This is one of the only dances that actually rewards followers to stylize their movements independently from the leader, while respecting their over all connection.  It is this encouraged independence  that makes West Coast Swing attractive to females from many different disciplines including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Jazz.

     Our West Coast Swing program aims to teach students the partnering skills needed to create the rubber band like qualities of this dance.  Additionally, we spend time focusing on the music itself to allow students more opportunity to express the lyrics, instruments, and rhythms through their bodies.  This is a dance that is fun to watch, but even better to experience yourself!  Feel free to check our Group Class offerings or book a Private Lesson and learn to use this smooth and flexible dance to spice up your life!