10 Benefits Gained Through Social Dance

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10 Benefits Gained Through Social Dance

Why should you learn to dance? 

I don't think there is a way to overstate the benefits of social dance.  More than just a fun new activity, learning to dance improves people in many different ways, both on and off of the dance floor.  From physical fitness to enhancing relationships, social dancing is perhaps the most fun and fulfilling method of self improvement!

 Here are some of my favorite benefits of social dance:

  • Improves overall health and physical fitness
Whether you are looking to lose weight or feel the burn, there is no doubt that dancing is exercise.  The best part is that because you are having fun, dancing tends to not feel like traditional cardiovascular exercise.  Numerous studies have discovered that dancing frequently has positive health impacts such as improved circulation, increases in overall lung capacity, slowing the aging process, assisting in joint lubrication, better control over blood sugar levels, increased calorie burn, and improves stamina.  

  • Coordination, Balance, Posture - Oh My!
In addition to the already mentioned physical benefits, learning dance also has other intrinsnic benefits for the body.  Such benefits include strengthening and toning the stabilization muscles responsible for good balance and proper posture, while developing movements feet and arms lead to better coordination.  More so, these abilities follow dancers off of the floor and can transfer to any other sport, skill, or hobby that benefits from hand-eye coordination.

  • Strengthens Mental Abilities and Reflexes
As any social dancer has already experienced, dancing in a room with other people requires us to make quick decisions from both the leader and the follower.  At any given moment in a dance, leads and follows are engaged in the current moment while determining what happens next using dance patterns, styling, and musicality.  This type of split-second decision making in addition to dealing with many different situation actually sharpens the reflexes, improves reaction time, and helps keep our brain young.  It is never too late to reap the mental benefits of dance.  In fact, in a fairly recent study, dancing frequently was shown to not only assist in preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia, but in some cases even had success in reversing these types of mental decay.  In other words, dancing just makes you smarter!

  • Improves Emotional Health such as Stress Management and Self Confidence
Dancing assists in healing depression and lowering stress levels by the natural process of raising endorphin levels and has the added benefit of elevating your mood!  All dances including Ballroom, Country, Latin, and Swing also builds individual body awareness which helps individuals feel more comfortable in their own skin, which in turn builds confidence.  This confidence is useful in a variety of different situations that can greatly influence how someone approaches life's problems, deals with pressure, and even can improve the way you look while walking.

  • Meeting New People
You are sure to meet new people whether you go out and dance, or even just stick to group classes.  The best thing about meeting people via dance is that dancers tend to more friendly than any other group on the planet!  As a community, almost every dancer realizes that style depends on continually inviting more people to take part and learn the magic of dance.  If you are looking for a safe way to meet others for romantic reasons or just to have more friends, learning to dance is vastly superior to both bars and online dating.

  • Improvement in all Social Settings
In the age of technology, we are perpetually more connected to the internet, but less connected each other.  At its heart, social dancing is applied relationship skills disguised as movement to music.  There is absolutely no better way to improve your social skills or to conquer shyness than learning a new dance.  Developing solid social skills is especially for teenagers in that awkward stage in their life and even for people with special needs such as Aspergers.  Social dancing is hands down one of the beast ways to get over the fear of social situations.

  • Romance
In addition to the general social benefits mentioned above, social dancing can also improve the romantic end of the spectrum.  While there is a chance to meet someone special on the dance floor, the real benefit is for couples.  Both new couples and those who have been together for many years enjoy the improved connection and trust that dancing builds.  Whether you choose anything from Ballroom, Latin, or Swing, all forms of dance can help bond significant others in a unique romantic fashion. 

  • Outlet for Self Expression and Creativity
Many aspects of our society, including our jobs, tend to not value creativity and self expression in order to simply "fit in."  This trend makes it even more important to have a creative outlet.  With the extreme focus of having a "9 to 5," many people do not even realize that we need to exercise our artistic side!  Learning to dance helps us to find music we enjoy and incorporate it into artistic self discovery, even for those with no musical background.

  • Connection to Other Cultures
Dance is one of the few activities in the world without any barriers imposed by age, gender, language, ideology, or even culture.  Being such, learning a new dance allows people to explore new cultures in many different aspects including movements and music.  Additionally, dancers tend to be a very diverse group comprised of many different cultural heritages and backgrounds.  You can meet almost any type of person on the dance floor!  

  • Dancers Are Just Plain Sexy!
Not only do dancers look better by standing tall and not tripping over their feet, but over time dancers learn to carry themselves in a manner that conveys confidence and self assurance.  It is like Sophia Loren said, "Sexiness is fifty percent what you have got, and fifty percent what people think you have got."  Additionally, dancing socially encourages positive grooming habits – after all, everyone likes to look their best when they go out dancing!

If you dance and enjoy any additional benefits, but sure to let us know what you appreciate about dance in the comments section below. For more benefits for dance CLICK HERE  

If you do not currently dance, but would like to CLICK HERE to learn about our dance classes in Springfield Missouri.

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