Do You Need to Know How to Dance/ Already Be In Shape to Enjoy a Zumba Class?

Posted by Obi Simpson, Take The Lead Dance Studio, Springfield Missouri on Thursday, October 10, 2013 Under: Zumba FAQ

Do You Need to Know How to Dance/ Already Be In Shape to Enjoy a Zumba Class?

     Not at all!  Our whole program including the Zumba Classes are designed to be accessible to beginners of any fitness level.  Some of our classes do offer a more intense workout than others, so it is important know your class and what kind of workout to expect.  Since all Zumba choreography is taught in a "learn as you go" manner, there is no need to have an understanding of Zumba prior to jumping in.  However, for those who need their Zumba to be just a little slower paced, Zumba Gold is a great way to get started learning the moves!

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