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Posted by Obi Simpson on Friday, October 11, 2013 Under: Dance Classes Springfield Missouri
What Styles of Dance Classes Are Offered at Take The Lead?

Our Adult Fitness Dance Classes consist of many different styles across a diverse group of dance genres.  Currently, our program includes:

Adult Hip Hop Fitness:  Primarily a cardio-workout class, this class focuses specifically on fresh, fun choreography each week.  Hip Hop Fitness is a high energy fitness class that will have you moving, grooving, sweating, and laughing!

Adult Hip Hop Technique:  Incorporating more street dancing and breakdancing than HipHop Fitness,  this class is not as sweat inducing, instead focusing more on precise elements that will sometimes have you spinning and moving on the floor.  This class is recommended for anyone who wants to look like they belong in the next "Step Up" movie.

Zumba:  The hottest and most successful Latin based danced class in the nation finds its way into the hearts of fitness and dance fanatics alike!  Offering a superb workout for everyone from beginner to pro, classes with our amazing instructors leave students sweaty, sore, and looking forward to the next time they get to attend a Zumba class!

Adult Ballet:  Focusing on core strength, muscle control, and learning to lengthen the spine, our ballet classes are a fantastic place for brand new dancers to learn skills that will open their bodies to movement across all other forms of dance.

Adult Jazz:  This is a class that combines excellent choreography and diverse movements while teaching isolated muscle control.  This class is addicting.  The only complaints are limited to, "why isn't this class offered every day?"

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