Wedding Dance Lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons at Take The Lead

     The big day is looming closer and closer every day.  No worries though, you have taken extra time to knock out the big stuff and hammer out the little details. Everything is in order; The  perfect dress is picked out, the caterer is booked, the venue is set, and you are completely going to rock the "middle school sway." Wait, what?
     As it so happens, the terms "impressive" and "awkward sway" rarely fit nicely in a sentence. Instead, let us help your to make your first dance worthy of words like "Amazing," "Beautiful," and "Awesome!"  In addition to teaching dance skills, we can also work with your special song.  
     Our tools allow us to digitally manipulate your music without sounding like any editing occurred.  This allows our students to keep the essence of their song and pair specialized movements to better express their chosen music!  Since no two couples are exactly alike, our custom choreography ensures that the movements taught will fit well with their bodies. 

Take The Lead offers wedding dance lessons in three handy packages that can fit any bride and budget!  These Packages consist of Private lessons and also include Free Open Practice nights and music editing for free!

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