Wedding Dance Tips (A brief Guide to a Great First Dance)

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Wedding Dance Tips (A brief Guide to a Great First Dance)

I know as well as anyone that the stresses of orchestrating a wedding are much easier to handle when Brides and Grooms have a clear plan concerning their big day.  For all of the pre-wedding crazed brides, I hope these tips help you make your special day even better!


5 Wedding Dance Tips:

We all know how wedding dances usually go: The first dance is announced. The bride and groom awkwardly shuffle to the dance floor, looking embarrassed and sometimes exuding terror. The music starts and they clumsily paw at one another until they finally shift to what resembles two limp rags loosely clumped together. With a shuffle back and forth inspired by the lurching movements of Frankenstein’s monster, they stiffly shift side to side with legs that seem to have rapidly fused at the knee joint. On rare occasions, you get lucky and the Bride and groom are clever on the floor and an absolute joy to watch. Most times though, It seems like a four minute song stretches into an eternity. After the music finds its close, the bride and groom have displayed the first act of their unity as a sweaty uncomfortable mess.

You can avoid all of the uneasiness of your wedding dance by simply having a plan. Your plan can be as complex as spending hours on end memorizing intricate choreography, or as simple as practicing here and there to your special song. Regardless of how you approach the dance, your movements on the dance floor comprise one of your first joint endeavors as husband and wife. It is not only an expression of the love you share, but it conveys the key elements of any marriage: teamwork combined with your ability to connect and communicate.

Your dance can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for you, your fiancée, and your guests. Here 5 tips that can take the first dance from awkward to amazing.

1) Choose Your song with care:

When you look for a song, you will of course lean toward one with meaning to you and your fiancée. However, there are other things to consider if you want something special. Firstly, many beautiful songs were not written with dancing in mind. You will definitely want to listen to the song to see if you can easily determine the beat. The rhythm and style of your song is equally important as these aspects will greatly influence what kind of dance you can perform. Typically, very slow love ballads tend to be danced as Night Club Sway (also called Night Club Two-Step), while other songs lean toward the latin side of the spectrum which work well for Rumba, and big band music (Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé) are ideal for Dances like Swing or Foxtrot. If you need help finding out what style of dance goes with your song, YouTube can be a great resource as, but it is often easier to just ask a dance instructor. Length is the last consideration for choosing a song. You may listen to a six long minute free form jazz every day of the week, but that is far too long for both you and your guests. You should plan to keep your song between 2 and 3 minutes. Don’t let a long song discourage you from choosing it though, a good DJ or dance instructor experienced with audio editing will be able to maintain the essence of your song while trimming it down to manageable length.

2) Work out an Introduction and a Conclusion:

Every professional dance will use an entrance and an exit. You definitely should also. In addition to looking great, planning how you enter and exit will add a lot of depth to your presentation and ease your tension. Consider what you activity happens before your dance. Are you cutting the cake, tossing the boquet, or playing a game before your dance? If you start off the dance floor, will you be on each other’s arm, or will you meet in the middle? How will you end your dance and get off the floor? Spend some time planning how you will smoothly segue into the next activity. It is a shame when a couple really nails their first dance only to look around awarkdly to figure out what to do next.

3) Practice Often, and Start as Soon as You Can:

Even if you are already comfortable with dancing, start your dance practice ASAP. Every performance is different and all choreographed dances require many hours of work regardless of skill level. You will want to give yourself plenty of time with new movements to feel comfortable and confident with your dance steps. Almost every couple preparing for a wedding will need several private lessons, six to nine lessons seems to be the sweet spot. Keep this in mind when and compare it to your timeline. You will need to factor in both the lessons as well as setting aside time to practice outside of your lessons. Invariably, as the big day approaches, Brides and Grooms find themselves extremely busy with family and last minute arrangements. Practicing your dance at this point will be tough to squeeze in. If you plan on using a dance instructor it is best to call now. Contacting an instructor now ensures that you have time for lessons, and they have room on the books. If you think your schedule is busy you should see how packed a good instructor’s is in the middle of wedding season! Especially with all of the last minute “we need emergency dance lessons now” couples!

4) Remember to Have Fun!

Even if you only can squeeze in a few minutes here and there, practicing your skills outside of your lesson time is the best way to continue building. All couples benefit directly from the team work achieved when creating a wedding dance. With all of the stresses of a wedding, it is very important to remember why you are creating a wedding dance. Especially, under all the other pressures you may be feeling as your wedding approaches. Keep in mind that learning a “together skill” is a direct representation of your relationship and the attitude you use in practice will influence your life as a couple. Don’t chastise your partner for making a mistake here and there. Instead, use those errors and flaws to learn how to work together. Understanding the encouragement your fiance needs to grow is an important tool in successfully navigating all circumstances in any marriage. Remembering to laugh and smile goes a very long way for both of your moods!

5) Discuss/Show Your Dance to your DJ and Photographer:

Even if your dance is a secret to everyone, your DJ and Photographer should have a very good idea of what you are doing! In fact, filming your dance and uploading it as an unlisted YouTube video (only those given the link can view) is a free and easy way to distribute your dance to whomever you need to. The DJ will need to cue your music, so they need to know how you will enter and exit. Your Emcee will also need to be in on the cueing if he or she happens to not be the DJ. If you have a specially edited version of your song, make sure your DJ has a copy and explicitly understands that your version is specifically tailored to your dance. The DJ should definitely try it on his or her equipment before the big day to makes sure it performs as intended. It has become more popular lately for couples to dance to a live rendition done by a local band. This is a really neat way of adding a lot of dimension to the dance- just make sure they play your song as close a possible to the tempo you have practiced dancing to. Most Photographers are used to couples standing still and swaying in the middle of the floor. You should give them an idea of what to expect (videos work wonders) so that they can catch all of the memorable moments on film for you to gloat over!

One Last Thing:

Whether you dance fast, slow, simple steps, or complex choreography- your dance will be a beautiful movement based expression of your love. It is a symbol of where your relationship is now, and a testament of what your future together will be. Your friends and family will celebrate this day no matter what you do, even if your dance tanks. However, that is no excuse to move like an extra on the set of The Walking Dead!


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