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Hire Ballroom Dancers

Social Dance Testimonies

      Dancing was something I had always wanted to learn how to do.  As I got older I had more time and thought it would be a good activity for my husband and I to do together. I found dancing to be a wonderfully fun activity and the more I danced the more weight I lost!  In less than 1 year I dropped 40lbs. I have also made some wonderful new friends! 

      Obi made dance easy and exciting. I had thought I would simply do Waltz and Fox Trot, but Obi introduced me to Hustle, West Coast, Cha Cha and Tango. He is an excellent dancer and I enjoy my lessons immensely! I look better and feel better and I can NOT Wait to go Dancing! 

 - Jeri Shean

Springfield MO

     I had pleaded with my husband for 10 years to take lessons with me, he had always respectfully declined. Then we met Obi! Obi has an amazing talent of making you feel comfortable... even on the dance floor!

 - Sandra King

Springfield MO

     Michael and I had a blast learning a dance routine with Obi at take the lead. Obi has great teaching skills, patience and enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy our dance as much as we do..  Thanks Obi!!!

 - Laci Donnelly

Springfield MO

     Obi Simpson is a bright, thoughtful, endearing young man with not only natural dancing ability but also the finesse to break down the elements of dance steps and explain them in a way understandable to both the beginning dancer and advanced students.  He is dedicated to dancing and to those students he serves with his positive attitude and pleasing personality. 
 - Loni Beck
Springfield MO

     My husband I started taking lesson from Obi about 8 months ago or so. I had always wanted to learn to dance but my husband was very hesitant. I saw a groupon advertising dance lessons at Take the Lead so I bought it and convinced my husband now was the time to try. We both were a little nervous as neither one of us had EVER danced before. Obi made us feel very comfortable right from the beginning, and has always encouraged us which makes learning to dance much easier. 

    My husband appreciates the fact the Obi is very patient and never makes him feel foolish, and together we are having the best time learning something new. My thanks to Obi for his patience, his encouragement, and the wonderful way he instructs us. We've come a long way, and plan to continue our new found skills.

 - Sheila Mitchell
Springfield MO

     When I met Obi, I was super excited to learn but still felt wary due to a bad experience from years prior. My first dance class was under the strict eye of a harsh instructor. She taught me how to accurately step patterns and how to critically blame my inexperienced partner when we’d be sternly corrected on our posture, or whatever. It was frustrating and intimidating. My second dance experience years later was with Obi, and immediately I felt welcome and genuinely cared for. 

     Although I was shy and self-conscious being on the dance floor in a stranger’s hands, Obi’s relaxed and positive attitude immediately let me know this was going to be an incredibly fun time! During my lessons, his teaching style put me at ease while still challenging me to learn and grow. Obi is one of the most encouraging people I’ve encountered; he puts his heart into truly connecting with every student and making their dance experiences with him something to be looked forward to and savored.

 - Sarah Wright

Hip Hop Testimonies

     When I started going to the adult Hip-hop dance classes at Take the Lead, I had that "nerdy white boy doing the lawn mower" appearance. After just one class with the instructor Janaki Gallelli, I already felt more confident. Now, ten or eleven weeks later I feel like I could walk into any club and be the center of attention with how much I've learned from these classes. Ms. Gallelli does an amazing job of breaking down even the most difficult looking dance move into something any beginner could do. I will continue to go to the classes because we learn something new every week and it is truly an enjoyable experience every time!

- Ethan Ruhland

     The adult hip-hop class at Take the Lead is amazing. The teacher, Janaki, makes it fun and easy to pick up the steps. You don't even realize that you are working out until the next morning when you wake up and your muscles are sore! This class is just that awesome! Everyone is welcoming no matter what your skill level; just come ready to dance, laugh, and have an great time working out.

-Kaitlin Eason

     I have been taking the adult Hip-hop dance classes regularly and they are amazing! I was nervous at first about doing hip-hop and I'm not a big fan of sweating or exercising in general, but the classes are really enjoyable and I didn't realize that I was getting a good workout because I was too busy learning the dance moves. The instructor, Janaki, makes learning the routines simple by breaking it all down in easy to understand steps. Great workout with great people!

-Kallie Riff