Basic Wedding Dance Lessons

 Wedding Dance Basics:



- 6 One-Hour Private Lessons

Music Editing (if needed)

One Month of Group Classes

Unlimited Open Practices

     Sometimes, a throw back to a long passed era is a perfectly good thing.  Swaying side to side like you are in middle school, however is not.  With three one hour lessons, you have just enough time to learn an entrance, an exit, and some cool moves in between.  We will take your special song and modify it to better fit both you and your dance.

Simple Wedding Dances

Wedding Dance Basics Highlights: 

No Dance Experience Necessary 

Can be Completed in Less Than a Month

Discounted Private Lessons (reg. $70) 

Schedule Lessons at Your Convenience

Personalized Dance to Song of Your Choice

- Free Open Practices to Continue Building Skills

Budget Wedding Dance Lessons

Other Packages:

Click on a package below for more information.

Impressive First Dance:  $599

This is the "Golden Standard" for specialized First Dances.

Amazing Wedding Dance:  $825

You will astonish your guests with how much you have learned with a skill that lasts a lifetime.



Non- Package Pricing:

Private Dance Lesson - $70 (individual or couple)

Semi-Private Dance Lesson - $85 (up to 3 couples)

Custom Group Class (min 8 people) - $10 per person

Open Practice - $10 per person

Music Editing for First Dance - $30