Make Your First Dance Memorable

Wedding Dance Lessons

Are you completely lost when it comes to dancing for your wedding? Whether you just need some simple suggestions or full on advice, we can help.  We can assist you in everything concerning your music selection, dance moves, and even help you work out some of your reception schedule. Use the form below to set up a FREE consultation! Additionally, scroll down to view our most popular wedding dance lesson packages & pricing.

Wedding Dance Lessons


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Wedding Dance Basics: $390

Perfect for the Wedding on a budget and short on time. (6 Private Lessons)

Impressive First Dance:  $599

This is the "Golden Standard" for specialized First Dances. (10 Private Lessons)

Amazing Wedding Dance:  $825

You will astonish your guests with how much you have learned with a skill that lasts a lifetime. (15 Private Lessons)

Wedding Dance Lessons

Non-Package Pricing:

Private Dance Lesson - $70 (individual or couple)

Semi- Private Dance Lesson - $85 (up to 3 Couples)

Custom Group Class (min 8 people) - $10 per person

Open Practice - $10 per person

Music Editing for First Dance - $30 

Wedding Services

     Take the Lead offers many different options for learning to dance at your wedding, all of which are custom tailored to the individuals or groups attending. Our services include:

Wedding Dance Lessons

Bride and Groom Custom choreography or social dance: 

     The First Dance can be more than the same tired old “middle school sway” that we have seen so often. Instead, it should wow and amaze those who watch it. Let us help you to make that "First Dance" unforgettable. Should your special song need it, all of our packages include music editing for your dance.

Father & Mother dances:

     Although this may be their big day, there is no reason why you can’t also make the most of it. These lesson sets primarily focus on social dances for just the mother and father, but we also work choreography with Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances.

Wedding Party:

     If you have gone through the trouble of hiring a DJ without ensuring that your group will actually use the music, you have only solved half of the equation. We also offer custom length and style courses to enhance the fun even more. Learning new dances together, whether it be classic ballroom, cool swing, or hot latin are a great way to bond and have fun before, during, and after the big day.