Happy Hour Yoga, 

All Levels     

The Core Yoga Class in our Program, Happy Hour Yoga is suitable for just about everyone. 


Happy Hour Yoga 

Instructor: Mandi Kay

Pricing: Drop-in & Memberships available.  Visit the PRICING PAGE for more details.


     Get ready to experience masterfully guided sessions that blend traditional poses with a relaxed atmosphere.  Each class begins and ends with light pranayama (breathing/meditation) aimed at all levels of experience.  Professional Yoga instructor, Mandi Kay, demonstrates special modifications for each level of experience, allowing participants to either push their boundaries or tone it down.  Whatever the case, participants get to experience the wonders of yoga at their own pace.  This is Happy Hour Yoga where you can truly leave your ego at the door and make this your own personal practice on the mat! 


 All Levels Welcome!

Registration Not Required