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Adult Hip Hop classes are a great way to burn calories and lose weight.



     Bringing healing yoga to the masses, YogaFit is a unique class that blends elements of ancient Hatha Yoga with components of modern fitness programs.  Perfect for aspiring athletes, YogaFit classes veer away from spiritual aspects, instead taking a purely fitness approach to the movements.  First appearing in 1994, YogaFit classes were designed as hybrid of yoga specifcially for athletes.

     Now, YogaFit classes are perfect for even the most casual athletes who are looking for increased performance of their bodies and mental acuity.  YogaFit represents a whole body approach to fitness by utilizing the science of Hatha Yoga.  Dancers especially find this class to be beneficial because of how they learn to effectively integrate their body and mind.  YogaFit utilizes contemporary music as fun way to enhance the strength and conditioning aspects of the class.  

     YogaFit is perfect for individuals who are searching for a practical, user-friendly approach to yoga that is beginner accessible, easy to understand, and dispels the mystery commonly associated with traditional yoga.  

     - Beginner Accessible 

     - Practical Movements

     - Contemporary Music

     - Integrates Body & Mind

Yoga For Dancers 



     Yoga for Dancers is a Yoga Flow and Restorative class inspired by various styles of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga. Although Yoga for Dancers is designed to strengthen areas of the body relevant to ballroom dancers, the class strengthens and stretches the core, spine and hips, making the practice relevant to all practitioners, even students new to yoga or dance. This class also deepens the students' awareness of self, focus on the present and enhances concentration fueled by the breath. Students are encouraged to take the class at their own pace and the class is great for beginners.

How to prepare for class: 

Bring a yoga mat, water, and, if needed, a towel. Come ready for a barefoot practice and wear clothes that are easy to move and stretch in.

     - Beginner friendly 

     - Large Mirrors

     - Sprung Dance Floor

     - No Registration Required