SwingDance Lessons are a fun way to connect with others in a safe, positive way.

Ballet/ Lyrical 


Instructor: Erin Garner

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Recommended Ages: (7+) (12+)

**Registration is Required for all dance classes in the Youth Program**


     Students in this dance class spend time learning the fundamentals of both Ballet and Lyrical Dance.

     Often considered the most integral part of dancing as a whole, Ballet is a precise and beautiful dance.  Our program is designed to teach these technical elements paired with a healthy dose of fun.  Program director Erin Garner understands both the importance of good technique and having a great time, making her the perfect fit for fostering great dancers who genuinely have a passion for dance.  

     Lyrical dance, which is a blend of ballet, modern, and jazz, expresses emotions of contemporary songs through movements using both technically strong dance moves as well as more pedestrian movements. 

     Ballet shoes, jazz shoes or dance paws are options for this class.  Examples of recommended clothing for this class include leotard, tights, skirt, leggings, shorts, t-shirt, etc.  Hair is preferred out of the dancers face in some type of bun, ponytail, or barrettes.


Always Enrolling 

- No Experience Necessary

- Registration Required