Zumba Fitness Classes

Take The Lead is your one stop shop for adult dance classes including Zumba, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz among many more. Here's why:


Our Goal

     At Take the Lead, our goal is to improve the quality of life for adults in southwest Missouri.  To do this, we aim to offer the most varied dance based exercise program possible.  No dance program would be complete without Zumba Fitness Classes!

What are Zumba Fitness Classes?

     Accessible to complete beginners, Zumba is unlike any other workout you have experienced. These exercise classes offer a party like atmosphere that builds Latin dance skills as participants burn calories.  The more you attend class, the easier the movements get which in turn leads to a better workout!  For more general information concerning Zumba Classes, visit our Zumba Frequently Asked Questions page.

What Makes Take The Lead Unique?

     We have considered many different aspects when building our program ranging from the sound system, class times, quality of instructors and even the dance floor itself. 

     An often over looked, but very important aspect of a dance studio is the flooring.  We have a superbly constructed sprung dance floor to make dancing accessible to those with joint complications.  A sprung floor is a style of floor that is built with a special cushioning element that absorbs just enough shock to prevent damage while not feeling like a trampoline.  All of our Zumba Classes are held on this specialized floor that is much better for our students than a hard concrete floor and won't twist ankles like dancing on carpet.

To get started, view our calendar below and come see what our Zumba classes are like!