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Zumba Gold:

     Zumba Gold is a brand new take on the dance workout that is also a party.  This class takes the hugely successful Latin dance workout and remixes it to better serve older-adults, beginner dancers, and those who need a less intensive workout to add to their exercise routine.  No Dance Experience necessary, because this class is all about learning to move while having lots of fun!


How is Zumba Gold Different Than Regular Zumba Fitness?

     Being known for a wide variety of dances, Zumba Fitness classes are known specifically for their unique combination of: merengue, chacha, cumbia, belly dance, rumba, tango and salsa.  Zumba Gold is different however, because the Gold level classes really break down each dance perfectly to address the anatomical and biomechanical needs of active older adults or total beginners.  Just because the workout is less intense, don't let that fool you!  Zumba Gold stays true to it heart of being more dance than your average aerobics class.


Is This Class Right For You?

     More than just a workout class, Zumba Gold is an exciting endeavor in learning the technique and rhythm of energetic Latin dances.  It is designed specifally to help build strength and coordination across the arms, legs, and hips while working the heart.  If you are done with typical workouts at the gym and want to learn hot moves across varying dance styles such as Salsa and Merengue, then this is defintely the best place to start!   



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