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Zumba classes Springfield Mo

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Now Hiring - Instructors for Zumba Classes:

We are Looking For Zumba Certified Instructors who...


Are Easy To Follow

     Zumba instructors are expected to perform steps in a clear, easy to follow manner.  Cueing and movement directions must also be clear to students in the front and back of class.  Zumba Instructors are also expected to teach routines for the appropriate fitness level of the class.  They should take time to familiarize themselves with members in their classes, and take special notes of any health concerns and consider overall physicality.

Possess Excellent Cueing Skills

     Since Zumba Classes primarily operate on non-verbal communication, we are looking for teachers who can clearly and efficiently instruct without speaking.  Zumba classes are an hour long, so instructors must be able to continuously engage their participants for the whole duration.

Have Good Form When Demonstrating Steps

     We look for Zumba instructors who can clearly demonstrate full movements in a manner that is both fluid and understandable for their class.  Our teachers must also recognize that good movement technique is multi-faceted, including everything from posture, footwork, arm movements, and rhythm. 

Can Positively Engage Their Class By Using Solid Leadership Skills

     Leading a class is more than just showing dance steps to students.  We strive to find instructors who understand how to engage individuals before, during, and after classes.  Finding out students goals and helping them to achieve those goals is an integral component to success in our program.  We are not necessarily looking for the most charismatic people on the planet. We simply need Zumba Instructors with a strong, friendly presence to lead our students toward health - both mentally and physically.

Posses Polished, Professional Dancing Skills

     It is important to have an understanding of different rhythms, dances, and techniques.  We specifically look for Zumba instructors who dance on beat, knows what style of dance goes with what music, and can engage their hips like a latin dancer.

Sound Like You?

Interested Zumba instructors may contact Take The Lead directly by email at: Info@Studiottl.com